More than just a Pub


This special day in your life can be a small intimate and romantic night just for two or it can be celebrated with friends and family it is up to you. The Dartmouth Pub will help you create a night that won’t be forgotten.


21st’s 50th’s or even kids parties. Celebrating your birthday should not be a chore. The Dartmouth Hotel will help you cater for your event. Don’t hesitate to call and find out just how easy they can make your life.

Fishing Competitions

Something Dartmouth does very well is put on a Cracking fishing comp. Local clubs from around the district are more then welcome to call and work out what is right for them and discuss our sponsorship packages. Or check out what comps are already on offer.

Hot Rod Rallies

With our stunning views and beautiful drive Dartmouth has been the destination of many Hotrod and motorcycle rallies. The Dartmouth Pub is well known for feeding large groups well and making everyone feel welcome.

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